Software Policies

There are some policies of software kart softwares which are as follows:

1. Software Kart is not producing any type of software itself.

Software Kart is not not a software producing firm , which deal the software production companies to sell out its products and as per their guidelines it sell out the software products.

2. There is no any duplicate products sell by the software kart.

Software Kart is an online portal where you can get very different types of software like antivirus, converters, games, security software, multimedia, designing software, business & finance etc.
Software Kart have all the original products and sell out as per the particular company guidelines. There is no any duplication in any product, sell by the company.

3. Discount Policies . There are some policies for the discount, which are as follows:

  • Discount percentage is applied according to the software production company which is applied for a particular time period.

  • There is no any discount to decide by the company itself, because software kart only a software dealer, not the production company.

  • Discount percentage change randomly as per the company guidelines.

  • A discount applied for a particular time period.

4. Coupon code policies. There are some policies for the coupon code, here is the details:

  • Coupon code applied according to the discount percentage.

  • Coupon code applicable, only one time for a user.

  • Anybody can use the coupon, only one time for getting discount on software product within the given time period.

5. Downloading Policies.Following are the policies for the downloading:

  • There is no any charged applied for the downloading for any product.

  • Free downloading policy decided by the company itself, no any third party involve in the downloading.

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